Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pregnancy is Contagious

Aaryn is here visiting and the kids have become increasingly obsessed with her pregnant belly.I admit it is a darling bump and I am over the moon excited for her, and a little jealous, but I did not think my kids would pay any attention to her pregnant-ness. They notice EVERYTHING!

Miraculously all four of my children are now pregnant, or they claim to have a baby in their belly- just like Aaryn.
They have been cavorting around the house lifting their shirts to expose their tummies. Aaryn showed Natalie her bare belly and poor Natalie was concerned about the "rash" on her skin. If the kids can't grasp the genuine concept of pregnancy I highly doubt they will understand stretch marks- so we let Natalie kiss the boo boo rash, and that was that. Perhaps they think pregnancy is contagious?

There was a parade of pregnancy with stuffed animals used as props. The kids had profiles that made them look about 6 months along

and they proudly posed with the real expecting mama.

My kids love having Aaryn here can you tell?


shellie said...

thanks for the most recent pregnant pictures of Aaryn for her parents and grandparents to see.

The Wright Trips said...

Oh my goodness! Those are hilarious. And so cute! Thanks for the laugh. And she makes a cute pregnant mama!

Anonymous said...

Shellie...don't forget Aaryn's aunt?? Great pics of ASR and little Shemp.

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