Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMG We have created a monster...a straight haired monster that is!

Our favorite three year old diva was treated to some special time with her older sister. This included Amanda taking the flat iron to Natalie's hair and completely straightening it. I am sure Amanda thought of this as bonding and quality time together.

This salon like experience has created a monster. I am quite certain that Natalie will want this kind of hair-do daily, and since I barely have enough time to do my own hair, I doubt this will ever happen again anytime soon- if ever. I will be the first one to admit seeing her sans the curls was breathtaking,

she really looked so much older and more mature. With long straight hair she looks like 3 going on 30. God Lord what have we done? I am seriously scared to see the reaction when her hair returns to curly after the next shower.

ETA: Blogger has been all ferklepmt about uploading video clips for two days, so hang tight the video interviews with the kids are up next!


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

What long hair! My Madeline has the WORST hair-the back of her head is like a fuzzy blond brillo. at almost 4.5y it is slowly starting to act normal.. Hopefully one day I can allow it to actualy grow out...

The Wright Trips said...

Awwww, she is so pretty!

aaryn said...

you can add straightening hair to my list, i'll bring my chi :) and that takes care of that......

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