Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Smiles and Singing in the Rain

My kids just L-O-V-E a birthday party. The get it now. We celebrated cousin Connor turning four with the Slutsky-palooza crowd.

Nothing says a party like City BBQ, cake, presents and goody bag gifts.

The kids scored these amazing gummy lightening bugs. They are basic gummy candy that is packaged with a a light up pair of tweezers. When you squeeze the candy bug between the tweezers it lights up and thus illuminates the candy to a full glow. Very cool.

It poured rain all day and after dinner I tossed the kids outside to play in the rain. Why not? When you are a kid you are not supposed to go out in the rain, and that makes it all the more fun to do. So they got wet, big deal. I had them singing and dancing in the rain.

They stood under the summer rain shower in the front yard and caught raindrops on their tongues. This is an improvement over last summer when I was white trash bathing them in the yard. Now we are civilized and just let them shower outdoors.

How long before the home owners association gives us a warning? Any takers that we get a "memo" about public decency and keeping children fully clothed even in the summer? I am smiling just thinking about it.

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B said...

"Slutzky-palooza" - love it.

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