Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mocha Mondays at McDonalds and other random free stuff

Remember when McDonalds was offering free lattes on Friday? They have just announced Mocha Mondays and from 7-7 Mochas are FREE- even at the drive-thru.Free coffee drinks loaded with espresso are a multiple mama's dream come true, especially if you don't have to unbuckle and rebuckle 4 kids to get it.

Here are some other free offers that I found to be quite nice:

A Free Geotrax DVD from Mattelclick on your country (US) and put it in your cart, then check out. If your kids or grandkids watch this and don't like it- big whoop it didn't cost nothin. My kids like all DVD movies when they are on road trips.

My kids already have this DVD called The Princesses Save the Ball, and it is as annoying as can be from an adult perspective.If you love free DVD movies and you can tune it out while your kids watch it 544 times a day- then order it here.

The portrait studios called Picture People are offering afree sitting fee and package (hurry it expires 7-25) that includes one 8x10, two 5x7's and eight wallet sized portraits of the same image. Here is the offer and here are the locations to see if there is one near you. Since they are digital and in the mall what have you got to lose? I am sure they are hurting for business and will try to up-sell you more images, but if you are disciplined enough to only score the Free ones, it is a deal.

Thankfully we are out of the baby diaper stage, but Huggies is launching a new product lineof pure and natural diapers and are offering a free sample with coupons. If you can't use them I am sure you know someone who can, so order it and when it arrives bring it to the mama and she will love you for it. (Aaryn's people take note and order the larger size!) These ususally arrive shrink wrapped so they are awesome to keep in the car or diaper bag.

Enjoy the Freebies-
The Queen


Anonymous said...

Thanks an "Aaryn's People" I signed up! Gee what a great aunt I'll be to little Shemp!

Michele S said...

Wait. Free mochas? WHAT? I think I'll probably be in a drive thru at McDonald's several times on Monday. WOOHOO.

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