Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Fun Friday Filled with Freebies

I got an email about a freebie at the Coach Store. I was not exactly sure what I was in for, so I printed off the little certificate, one for me and one for Argenida and we packed up the kids and headed to Easton for a Friday Field Trip.

We invaded the fancy Coach store and even though all of the kids were head to toe in Ralph Lauren the sales girls there were a little taken aback by all of our little helpers. We presented the certificate and as they shuffled around getting our free gift I toured the store one by one with a child while the others sat on a square tile and waited their turn. Natalie even suggested I take her photo on the chairs in the store so clearly she saw this as a blog worthy experience! It was quite civilized and very calm until they handed us two gift bags with our treasures. Four kids, two bags, just does not work-so in addition to asking for our freebie I had to explain my predicament and ask them for two additional small shopping bags. From a marketing perspective, what is cooler than a gaggle of kids carrying your advertising? From a retail salesperson's perspective when will these cheapskates quit coming in to my store to redeem these pesky giveaways?

Turns out the freebie gift was a set of 12 COACH pencils with the new Poppy line logo on them. They come handsomely boxed and bagged and were better than I expected.

A dozen pencils would be an average (YAWN!) gift, but a dozen COACH pencils is stellar! You should definitely claim yours if you have a Coach full retail boutique nearby. These make an awesome babysitter gift all prettied up in the Coach shopping tote. Your sitters will thank us when school starts and they have status logo writing instruments. BONUS!

Just as we were exiting Coach a lady approached us wearing some fancy Easton 10Th anniversary tee shirt. She was honoring this milestone by handing out free ice cream. SCORE! My kids promptly planted themselves on the bench

and proceeded to drip vanilla chocolate swirl all over the above mentioned Ralph Lauren outfits. They were a sticky gooey happy mess and I was okay with that. Free Coach gifts and free ice cream puts any mom in a half way decent mood. Can you imagine if it had been Free Frapaccino Friday too? I would have fainted.

After our free for all at Easton I took Argenida and the kids to Red Robin. I redeemed the birthday burger issued to Amanda. She was not going to use it and it was set to expire so I redeemed it with the kids for a nicer meal than we would normally eat at lunchtime.

The kids love the place and are always so excited to go there. If you have not signed up for their birthday club, do it and start your freebie "fine" dining soon. A free adult burger with unlimited fries goes a long, long way with small children. You will have to tip big because the mess to final bill ratio will be way off.

So dear blog memory of Walter Cronkite...that is the way it is!


Aaryn said...

looks like i left too soon....

Emme said...

thanks for the tip about the coach giveaway! i just printed out the form.

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