Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks, Friends and Fun for 10% of the Fourth

We took all the kids to the New Albany Fireworks event. In order to score a primo spot for viewing the show, we had to park and arrive way before dark. Thankfully the New Albany Elementary School is adjacent to the launch area, so the kids got to play on all the various structures

before it was showtime. It rained off and on and drizzled the rest of the evening which sure beats a sweltering heat in my opinion.

From the time it started to get dark, to the time it was dark enough for the actual fireworks was about an hour. I tried every trick in the book to get the kids to just hang out on the blanket with us, and after using juice pouches, glow sticks,

cashews and marshmallows I resorted to letting them take photos using my digital camera. With a little guidance they all did well shooting various people, myself included.

These are some of the best/worst images for your viewing pleasure. Tick Tock as I was buying time- I seriously spent 90% of the night micromanaging the kids and about 10% enjoying the show... I guess that is how it goes when you schlep 4 under 4 well past their bedtime.

The firworks themselves were just right. Not too long, not too short, with some big booms and bright lights.

The this was a fourth of July first for our little people, so all things considered, fireworks, friends and fun were fabulous for about 10% of the time. Woo Hoo!

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Michele S said...

Awesome coordinating outfits. We spent the whole time in swimsuits because it's 1700 degrees here. I would say I spent 45 percent of my time managing the kiddos. So the percentages get MUCH better as they get older.

I made a peach cobbler with the flour and OMG it was SO good. I'm really liking that flour.

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