Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day in Dayton- Field Trip # 371

We took a little day trip to Dayton. The destination: The National Museum of the US Air Force. This gem of a museum has FREE admission, FREE parking and FREE Stroller rentals and is an awesome place to exhaust the kids. If you have a boat load of kids or a day care, this is a great outing that costs nothing. Ususally we are the only ones with kids dressed alike, but today along with every summer camp and day care center, we blended in like white on rice. I just needed "STAFF" embroidered on the back of my shirt- then I would have been the official ring leader.

We arrived just in time to catch the IMAX screen showing of Fighter Pilot, the movie.

We were instructed to leave our Step2 Pink Car stroller outside of the theater.

We warned the children that the airplanes on the movie screen would be very loud and they were ready. They all sat nicely and enjoyed the show which surprised me as I feared they would get bored and want to go potty. The IMAX movie has a no re-admission policy. I could sense that we were going to be blowing the $17 ticket admissions after 34 seconds into the flick and that our pink car would be gone when we got out. The kids did fabulously for about the first 37 out of 42 minutes - so when our car was stolen during the show, I was half right. We alerted the security team and within 20 minutes they found the morons that took the car thinking it was one of the free stroller options. WRONG!

We toured the hangers and saw every imaginable kind of aircraft. We rolled up the strollers and our highly coveted pink car

and snapped photos of the more interesting planes. It was stimulation overload for the kids with so much to do and even more to see. They all took turns monkeying around on various planes,

climbed inside the space suit, and sat in a flight simulator. There were so many interesting exhibits within the museum and Jeff and Argenida were equally fascinated.

I was there as the photographer under false pretenses- you see, my darling husband (dripping with sarcasm) told me the National Museum of the US Air Force was featuring a fashion exihibit showcasing all the vintage flight attendant uniforms and retro clothing- which of course is right up my alley. Little did I know that this wonderful husband of mine said that so I would go along and not leave him with all the kids. This same sneaky phrasing reminds me of his descriptions of war movies, action thrillers and military shows- he tries to tell me that they are romantic comedies so that I will join him in watching them- Ughhh, live and learn on this one folks. I was really disappointed that there was not a display of flight crew uniforms but I was pleasantly surprised at the Smithsonian like quality of the entire museum. I won't hold a grudge.

I snapped photos throughout the day and made sure to capture all the various aspects of the museum.

Mission accomplished here- we took this field trip to educate, stimulate and exhaust the little people and let me just say, AMEN!

This is what our drive home looked like

and our day in Dayton is officially done.

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