Friday, July 24, 2009

Dawn to Dusk in Virginia Beach

No stone was left un-turned in Virginia Beach. My poor kids (sarcasm) were busy from sun up to sundown. They have recently learned the terms dawn and dusk thanks to Aaryn, and now that we are partying it up from dawn to dusk and later. The kids are pointing out the sky and telling everyone the difference between the two words. Good times.

We started the day at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. My kids adore anything blooming and green in a outdoorsy, natural setting so when Evin mentioned this local venue we were chomping at the bit to go there. I was even more thrilled when I discovered that my Franklin Park Conservatory family membership was reciprocal- BONUS! We got in with the card for FREE! Even if we had to pay it would have been worth it, so if you are taking your own family freak show to the area, I highly recommend it.

The tram took us on a twenty minute speed tour through the entire place. The grounds are as beautiful as you can imagine

it was sensory overload with sights and smells as we toured the enormous rose garden.

We jumped off at the Kids WOW area and spent over an hour splashing in all the water park like fountains and squirting statues.

The kids would have been fine to go back to the hotel after the garden tours but I insisted that we re-fuel with a nice lunch first. We stopped at a great Sushi place and ate more than our fair share of spicy tuna rolls, unagi, and sashimi.
I have the most ethnic eating kids around- seriously, how many 3 year olds eat BBQ eel and raw tuna? Do most toddlers like the taste of ginger and wasabi? I was laughing when the waitress brought Eli a fork and he said, "Excuse me, could I please have chopsticks?" I swear she thought it was a joke. I know she went back to the kitchen area and told all the Asian staff that there was a table full of American kids eating sushi and using chopsticks because throughout the remainder of the meal a stream of employees kept walking around us in disbelief. It was either my weird children or the fact that I have four kids under four dressed similarly. Who knows, Who cares, Where is the Yellowfin?

After napping the kids we schelpped them back to Evin's beach. They spent the remainder of the daylight hours with their toes in the sand.

In fact, when you are three and a half years old, there is nothing more hilarious than burying your babysitter in the sand. The kids played and played until it was practically dark!

and they would have stayed longer if we did not have to hurry back for dinner.

We devoured the amazing meal Sheryl cooked for us and since the kids were already showered post beach and dinner, we just continued to display the freak show on the Boardwalk at the Oceanside area. There was a concert featuring the Vinyl Headlights and my little rockstars rocked on until past 10:30 on a school night. The little people fell into bed and were asleep in 30 seconds. BONUS!

Tomorrow we will get SERIOUS about the family photo because up until now we have been having too much fun to pose for the good stuff. Perhaps I will report back after dusk and I will have my sunset Slutsky shots.

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