Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Plan "B" kind of Vacation

I was hell bent to get that family beach portrait on the trip to Virginia Beach. I had methodically planned our matchy matchy coordinated outfits, picked the precise spot on the shore and timed the sky for a brilliant sunset and yet I never got the nerve to tear the kids away from making sand castles and enjoying themselves. Sometimes you have to go with the dreaded plan B and sacrifice of yourself and your needs. At least that is what I am telling myself today as I finish downloading all the photos- except for a perfect family portrait.

Each evening as it grew closer and closer to photo time the kids were engaged and playing so nicely. I kept thinking that I would take them back, change their clothes and it would be SHOW TIME at sunset. But I just COULD. NOT. DO. IT! The photograph I envisioned was for me. The children could have cared less, in fact if I had pulled them off of the beach for any reason it would have been punishment in their minds. Clearly the kids would thank me when they were older but now...not so much. Okay, not at all.

So we drove home and all the while I wished I had that magical image of our darling brood. I know I did the right thing but I am still longing for that sunset shot. I had planned to frame it 16x20 with our new mission statement and reflect on that when the kids are driving me to drink. I guess Plan B prevails, and I will have to get cracking on Plan C- which means scheduling another beach opportunity.

My welcome home includes spending some much needed time snuggling Lenny and the mandatory fun of doing 14 loads of sand crusted laundry, re-stocking the fridge with perishables, and detoxing the mini van of cheese puffs, raisins, tortilla chip crumbles, wrappers, flattened juice pouches, and more sand.

Is anyone really, really, gifted with photoshop? Perhaps my Plan C should be to create the perfect beach photo from my computer? I am sure the kids would cooperate for that!


Michele S said...

I wouldn't have done it either. THere is no way I could have gotten mine off the beach without a mutiny.

Michele S said...

Did any of yours happen to fall through a screen and out of a two story window? Just thought I'd check to see if you had as good a time as I am.

Anonymous said...

photoshop is the answer! I'm sure you have a great landscape photo and can dress the kids at your leisure and create the memory you want your kids to have!

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