Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ultimate Gluten Free Shopping Spree at Costco

This week has been ape shit nuts around here. In addition to the heat and humidity we are in full garage sale mode, and oh yeah, we got a new dog. So with that in mind this Gluten Free Friday is a list of my all time favorite gluten free products from Costco.

These all natural cheetos are gluten free and dye free unlike the regular, stain your fingers version from our childhoods. These taste amazing and are priced right to feed a gaggle of kids.

These crunchy fruit and nut cubes are like the old fashioned peanut brittle only they are loaded with almonds, pistachios and dried fruits. Officially called trail mix crunch from Mareblu Naturals, these are great because they are just about two bite sized and they transport well in a dixie cup or ziploc bag. The flavor variety seems to vary and right now they have blueberry pomegranate available.
No gluten free home is complete without a freezer full of these amazing chicken tenders by Bell and Evans. They are not processed nuggets, but actual tenderloins of chicken in a gluten free breading. They are uncooked so you have to be sure to bake them according to the directions to be sure they are not raw in the center. These are a high quality chicken product and our kids love to dip them in BBQ sauce, but as adults we have sliced them and put them on top of a mixed salad- YUM!
Greek yogurt is a naturally thick and creamy style but it usually full of fat. This chobani yogurt tastes like it loaded with fat but remarkably it is fat free, gluten free and has no artificial sweetners in it. I love this over berries and gluten free granola as a meal.
I am not sure these chips should be sold and marketed in the snack aisle because they are more like a cracker than a chip. Food Should Taste Good makes these multigrain, gluten free snacky crackers in the jumbo bag. In our house we use these as a vehicle to get the hummus to our mouths. They are totally tasty alone but are strong enough to use with thick dips.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on television. Please read labels and double check the packaging on these items just in case the ingredients change or they are in a new formula. Happy Shopping!

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