Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking a Break at the Wine Guy

Nothing helps to organize your thoughts and collect your belongings like taking a break to refresh and rejuvenate. I did just that at the Wine Guy in Gahanna. After the Cabernet wine flight and a beautiful artisan cheese tray I am ready to finish the on going task of packing our entire house and its' contents.

I met RS and her sister Nina who I love. Get this: Back in the day Nina knew Silvan from BBYO and since Silvan is still Jeff's best friend I am secretly (okay, not so secretly now that it is on my blog) hoping to reconnect the two of them. I think it is so cool when friends from way back in the past rekindle a friendship. It is like facebook, only in real life. As we were chatting over wine and tapas I noticed that our little group had previous links to relatives and pals and since I am not from here, it was like playing Jewish geography. I think I passed the class with flying colors.

Yes, RS was sporting her locks of perfection and yes, we spent the entire time just gabbing like we always do. The tasty complimentary starter of grilled, soft flat breadand herb cream cheese was great but I could have eaten the entire plate by myself. It was meant for the whole table so I had restrain myself. I sipped 4 nice varieties of Cab and the various flavors were perfect

with my antipasto tray. We had the mojo working at our little table and if all the packing wasn't calling my name I could have easily ordered a second flight. But alas, I have work to do in preparation for my change of scenery.

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