Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slutsky Summer Schedule- success so far!

I have been really making sure the kids are busy during these first few weeks of summer. Keeping them active and engaged in activity is key to surviving the long days. I don't have a film crew to pitch in and I don't have a rotation of nannys so doing it my way is the only way I know how to get by.

If left unsupervised and bored, my kids will seek and destroy for the fun of it. When they boycott their nap this is what it looks like: They stripped the bed of all the linens
and made a camp out on the floor- a camp out where no one slept by the way.
Jeff caught them with his i-phone and captured these disturbing images with the door half open. But wait there is more...Or when these hellions are left in the playroom with a folder of notebook paper
Oh the joy! (Thanks Mitchell!)We can't have this regularly happen so it is my daily goal to make sure they are otherwise entertained. This is a full time summer job. When does school start again?

This summer schedule is exhausting but rewarding. It includes a combination of the following: daily field trip, Chik-fil-a or Mc Donalds play zones, picking strawberries, going to the playground, Franklin Park Conservatory, and art projects

at the kitchen table.

When the going gets tough- we go to Giant Eagle. I have a limited amount of patience and when they are driving me batshit crazy, I respectfully let them monkey around with Miss Ariel at the Eagles Nest. She has loads of energy and they are only there for an hour and half so they barely have a chance to test her limitations. It is great for them to get direction and guidance from someone else, they need a break from me ALMOST as much as I need one from them. Okay, not so much. This week they made some nice coloring projects

and strung beads into necklaces while I enjoyed a iced caramel latte and CNN headline news. ALONE. By myself. While they were in the Eagles Nest. Alone! I picked them up all energized, caffeinated and revived for the duration. Just a hour of downtime gets me to the next level- SCORE!

The evenings are still best when the weather allows us to pack dinner

and eat it poolside. They play and splash around with all our ritzy recyclables, pretend to swim, pour water from one container to another ad nauseam, and make neighborhood pals.

These four kids love being on the go so taking them to the pool is a great way to get them out of the house! The ease of feeding them there is beyond delightful and they know the regimented evening routine: Pool, Patio, Potty, Pajamas, Good Night.

So far so good, we are one week into Summer and our schedule seems to be a success. Next week, we are taking our freak show on the road- Kansas City here we come!

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