Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Root Beer Floats from Sonic- YES! It is officially Summertime

I have always loved Sonic. It is a summer thing to me, so now that a, we have Sonic in Columbus and b, now that it is summer I am good to go. What is better than an icy cold root beer float from Sonic?

As the mom of multiples, I have noticed that my children do not have the luxuries of their singleton peers. The most obvious example being, dining out. Even if we let the kids eat fast food (gah!) it would still cost a fortune. You can only imagine that our dining out in fine restaurants is limited to special events and dates. My children rarely get to order a beverage in a restaurant,(6 sodas or lemonades at $2.25 or more each plus tax and tip- ughhh, no way!) we hardly ever go out for ice cream cones,(Individual ice cream cones are about $3.25 each, so I buy a half gallon of ice cream at the grocery store and serve it myself) and we typically order a large size item (fries) and divide it among the masses, as opposed to everyone getting their own containers. I do this as a cost saving measure because I am frugal. If I only had a few kids I might do it differently, but I kind of doubt it.

It is rare occasion that my little people get their own of anything, but especially a dessert at Sonic. I took them to the free root beer float night because, well, it was (drumroll please....) FREE!

They each got THEIR OWN float. With a straw. With a spoon. With a smile!

The free float night at Sonic was a real treat! Ahhhh, Summer!

and yes, Eli is wearing another PINK shirt, it is his favorite color. And no, Natalie was not with us because she had an issue with her listenin skills before it was time to go, and sadly, she was not allowed to be with us.

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kirsten said...

hate it when their listening skills get broken. nice you could leave her. in our house, punishment for one logistically becomes punishment for all most of the time. it's a bummer.

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