Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plan B and the Pink Patio Party

Things do not always work out the way you plan. This is a lesson I learned a long time ago. I am in the process of teaching it to my kids and today we had an opportunity to embrace PLAN B.

We arranged to meet cousin Isabel and Gramma Eileen at the Westerville Old Mc D. The forecast was iffy and I just knew the kids would love to monkey around with Isabel inside the playplace. I thought it would be a low key afternoon. I could get my coffee on and watch as the kids released their energy. Imagine the horror when we arrived on time and found the playplace was CLOSED.

Apparently some child peed in the structure and it was on lock down. I was sad that it was closed but thrilled shitless that it was not my child that caused the near Haz Mat like frenzy. There were kids just lolly-gagging on the other side of the glass hoping they would re-open but after we waited 15 minutes the manager let us know it would be closed for the rest of the day. Enter Plan B.

Eileen, Isabel and I schlepped the kids to the other side of Canal Winchester, Ohio to visit the Slate Run Metro Park and Farm. They have a Historical working farm that is a 1880's time warp.

The kids were completely delighted with the experience. The played with some old fashioned wooden toys with marbles, played the piano in the farmhouse parlor, and did their best to water the vegetable garden. The boys used the real outhouse and were giggling as they peed into the holes. CJ wanted to know where the pee goes and Eli thought it was weird that you could not flush. The barnyard animals were fun to watch and Natalie said the pig area smell Dah-gusting. I took a ton of photos for the blog but ended up editing it down because there is only so much historical farm shots this nice Jewish girl can handle.

I still had some organizing and last minute packing to do, so we got home before rush hour. I managed to take the boys for haircuts before dinner and finish loading the van. Then I was off to a friend's party to jump start my change of scenery this week. Nothing gets your ready to spend 11 hours in a mini van like a pre-party with cocktails and jewelry.

I arrived at Jewel's house and was completely in awe of her new place. This was my first visit since she moved in and I was loving all the wide open space. Her taste is impeccable and she knows how to throw a party. I knew that she was going to display a new line of fun jewelry called stella & dot.

so I was so glad to go and sneak a peek at the baubles. Jewel had a PINK theme to the event and everyone was encouraged to wear pink. DING DING DING you know I was thinking about which Lilly skirt I would wear!

We all matched the floral arrangements, pomegrante martinis and champagne with raspberry puree it was a pink perfect evening in her home and on the pretty patio. The buffet was crazy good and the mini pink cupcakes were perfection. I did not want to leave but I knew the road trip ahead was calling my name. So I took lots of party pics and did my best to have a great time before Plan B took over, again.

I will check in with you all from the road. Until then, Party On!

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Aaryn said...

Just so you know, that wasn't the first time your children have been to Slate Run....your wonderful (old) nanny took them there a few times. They were just too young to pee in the outhouses and say the pigs smelled disgusting, even though they did.....

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