Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now this is what I call a Block Party

Okay, so after the neighborhood party tonight I need to apologize to the members of the home owners association. These fine folks may be a little pesky when it comes to the appearance of the properties, but man oh man can they throw a party. So while I am still annoyed at the hoops you have to jump through for their approval, I do think they are rock stars when it comes to celebrating within the hood.

Somehow the block-slash-neighborhood summer party was held behind the pool on the green space and it was underwritten by Sunny 95 and some of their local advertisers.

This meant the whole event was F-R-E-E and provided food, prizes, games, mascots and all sorts of fun for kids of all ages. My children thought our neighborhood was having a birthday party,

complete with two bounce houses! We had lots of photo opps with Bob Evans' dogs Biscuits and Gravy

Stinger from the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Mr. Sunny from Sunny 95.

Each vendor got a crack at marketing their products and services to all the residents in attendance and I am sure they were there to drum up business- so as a marketing and advertising angle this was a great place to get in front of 400 families who live right around the corner from their establishments. Smart and Savvy- thanks guys- my kids LOVED going from booth to booth to score the giveaways and trinkets. We are set on toothbrushes, tee shirts, pens, bags, and stickers.

We even stopped by the Franklin County Animal Shelter's booth and I made the mistake of telling them we were dogless at the moment. Before they could hand me an application for an adoption I opened my big mouth and said, "We are Jack Russell people and we would love to rescue a Jack Russell Terrier someday!" Both the volunteers at the booth were wide eyed and grinning, and before I could say another word, they showed me a 4 year old Jack Russell whose owner died last week. He has been at the shelter for a few days and is housebroken, trained to do some tricks
and is adorable. I dragged Jeff over to the tent and practically forced him to meet the dog. Hopefully (fingers crossed) if all goes well tonight I will be blogging about our newest family member tomorrow. Some things are just meant to be and this sweet boy needs us!

The kids love to see our friends and neighbors in social situations.
They freaked out when they saw their "other brother" Danny.

So I guess I jumped the gun when I blasted my peeps at the HOA. I won't be complaining anymore as long as they keep throwing parties and giving my kids tons of promotional giveaways. Now this is what I call a block party! Anyone want to buy plans for a missile silo?

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