Monday, June 29, 2009

He's a Keeper

So far so good. I keep waiting for the new addition to do something wrong and after 5 days of genuine noise and torture by our kids he is doing his business outdoors, sleeping great, eating well, and being friendly with everyone. Can this be possible? I really want his placement with us to work out, so I am being realistic that he is a dog and I am sure this is a honeymoon phase. I am not totally delusional.

This boy is so sweet and mellow, especially for a Jack Russell. He reminds all of us of The Beetle dog because he is more like an Old Jewish Man than a stereotypical hyper JRT. Both Beetle and The Dog Formerly Known as Jack love to just hang out, snooze in the sun that streams in from the window, and be with their people. His swagger and short stocky build make him strong but his personality is a like a pint sized person. He adores the kids and is already just cool to sit back and watch over them. We took him to Lambton Park and as he surveyed the grounds for potential squirrels, rabbits and birds, and still managed to keep his eyes on the kids as they threw rocks in the pond.

We know he is not starved for attention or activity. Now I just add him to the list of "people" that I have to exhaust from mealtime to bedtime each day. Believe it or not, he has LESS energy than our children, so he is simple and easy to tucker out.

I think he is a keeper. Now we just have to settle on his new name.

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name ideas:






(my fourth idea goes smashingly with your surname, don't you think?!)

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