Monday, June 22, 2009

The Glory of the Garage Sale

Our neighborhood garage sale is next Saturday and I am spending this week gearing up. I am on track to make $2100 from 8:00-2:00 p.m. on the 27th. This is my goal based on the amount of time and energy I am spending getting organized to do it. If we net anything less I will have spent more time than it is worth. This is not the stereotypical neighborhood sale though, this is the BIG TIME. When you are only allowed to have a sale once a year for 6 hours, you pull out all the stops.

Our subdivision has one of those pesky homeowner associations that requires approval for every little thing. It is ridiculous. Wanna buy a shrub at home depot and plant it in your yard? Wanna change the brass door knocker on your front entry? Do you dare to change the paint color on your home? Adding a wreath to your back door? Removing a speck of dirt from the flower beds? well...lord knows you better submit your request and get it approved or face the wrath of the home owners' association and its' committee. It is insane. In fact last year we received a stock form for future improvements and it gave point by point instructions on how to receive the green light for approved changes. The whole concept just makes me want to rebel for no other reason than to be one of "those" neighbors. Jeff was so irked at the crazy improvements form, he submitted his plans to build a missile silo in our back yard. He even attached a schematic and accompanied the plans with a rendering in full scale. The home owners' association and its members have no sense of humor.

Since we live in a highly governed subdivision we get ONE day to have a garage sale. The entire community participates and we are sponsored by a local realtor who places the advertising, gets signage and markets our sale. It is like garage-sale-a-palooza with 200 homes hocking their wares. Since this is the only day to have such a sale, and since the costs are underwritten I am going for it this year.

I am spending this week cleaning out the garage so that it is available to host our schlock-fest. Before we can set up shop I have to make room for everything- which means I am cleaning up in order to have room for such a sale. I am bringing home my rolling racks from the office so that the clothing can be properly merchandised. We have two 8 foot long buffet tables that will be used for the tkotchkes and other crap, along with our wrought iron picnic table, folding card table and various pieces of furniture. I will be setting up like no body's business. After all I have a plethora of children's stuff, a ton of maternity clothes, and more collectibles than we have shelf space. So in terms of volume of goods, we are full of inventory. Now let's just hope it is a dry day- rain will ruin any hope I have of using the driveway and front yard for overflow.

I would like to think that this is my once in a lifetime chance to get rid of other shit also known as other people's treasures and make a little money. I am in it for the cash. Clearly, having and preparing for a garage sale is not glamorous. I am going for the glory and will check in with you guys when I come up for air.

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The Husband said...

I really don't understand why they rejected the plans for my missle silo. It clearly shows that the majority of the structure is underground. And its not as if I was going to put a real missle in it. But I do hear that Kim Jong Il is planning going out of business sale on their midrange ones.

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