Thursday, June 18, 2009

Field Trip # 368 Sugar Snap Peas

I am home schooling this summer. Okay, not really home schooling but since the kids are not enrolled in any form of camp, it is my job to keep them from total boredom. Instead of over scheduling them in 40 different activities and schlepping them from one place to another, I am just taking them on various enriching and educational field trips. I have to keep them busy during the day or they drive me batshit crazy. Welcome to field trip #368.

Today we went to Doran's Farm in New Albany and picked sugar snap peas. This is a great little adventure in learning for my children. They get to see and be a part of the food we eat

and it gives them an appreciation for the beauty of nature. The vines are low to the ground so the kids just pick at their own pace and snack on the crumchy sweet pods.

It does not get any fresher than picking them yourself.

After we scored 15 pounds of sugar snap peas the kids went for a ride on the trailer of the John Deere.

They love the bumpy ride out to the strawberry patch and back.

Now as the children are napping I am ziploc bagging sugar snap peas for the freezer. Anyone have some amazing gluten free recipes that call for the best tasting sugar snap peas?

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