Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fear Factors with Ronald Mc Donald

My children are fearless. They have no fear at all.

Tonight Jeff and I took them to the outdoor play structure at Mc Donalds in Gahanna while Argenida had her ESL class. This is a version of the play space in Westerville only it is designed for days with pleasant dry weather. It is located in the parking lot--outside. Yes outside. Why they put this in Central Ohio I am not sure. Most days it is too cold or too wet but tonight it was ideal. So we unloaded the van and let them release their energy.

Wheeeee the squeals of delight could have been heard in Hilliard.

It took all of 8 seconds before Eli noticed the spongey turf material on the floor path. It is padded and rubbery giving it lots of bounce for the ounce. As soon as Eli showed CJ and Natalie the cushiony trampoline like qualities they decided to make the most of it. They took turns (very patiently by the way) jumping off of the stairs.

They did this about 750 times- I stopped counting after 500 free falls. They were insane about jumping off the steps.

After the initial excitement of the jumping, they all noticed the statue of Ronald Mc Donald on the park bench. They climbed up one side of him and down the other

and it looked as though Ronald Mc Donald was some child molester or pervert. What man dressed as a freakish clown sits on a park bench watching children play? P-E-R-V! He was grinning as the children were doing all kinds of crazy on him. I would hate to think what our friend Barry Klein would think or say. OY!

So as I live my own reality show- part What Not To Wear, part Fear Factor, part Romper Room, I want to personally thank Barry for inventing the Mc Donald clown and making Mc Donalds a kid friendly destination. Clown Schmown, I would hate to think of what I might do without this resource. My own personal fear factor includes dealing with my kids without Mc Donalds play areas!

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