Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Since Jeff requested a special shout out on the blog, I will indeed say, without much prodding that he is in fact, an awesome father to our children. To quote his dedication to me in his latest book, (but in reverse) "He is the perfect man for me" and that means he is a rock star dad too. He has a very limited amount of patience and when it is exhausted he finds something else to do, which makes him a good dad, he knows when to say when. I appreciate almost everything he does to make our family life so much fun. Almost everything. So on this Father's Day, I am blogging about how fun it is with Jeff as the Daddy.

The original plan for this morning went something like this: I would get up with the kids and let Jeff sleep late. I would make breakfast and shower him with love and affection. He would open gifts and get some time to himself.

The revised plan went into effect when Eli and Charlotte took turns whining and demanding attention in the middle of the night. Working on about 2 hours of consecutive sleep I had to revise the original plan and go with plan B- Jeff got up for round one with the children and when I had just enough sleep to function he went back to bed while I made a 5 star breakfast of champions.

The bottom line was we needed more sleep but were way outnumbered, so we just started the day and went about our business!

We made sure he felt special for Father's Day by giving him a new Tumi laptop carrying briefcase.

His was stolen when our office was burglarized and this one is an improved model so he can look stylish when running through the airport. The kids had as much excitement for the stuffing and tissue inside the bag as Jeff had for the Tumi itself.

It was a free for all with tossing wads of tissue in the air and rolling around in the crunchy sounding paper. This is a new version of playing with scotch tape at a fraction of the cost. Note to self, save the packing bubble wrap at the office for a rainy day.

By 11:00 Jeff and I were wiped out so we packed up the kids and went to Giant Eagle for a cold beverage. The kids played under Miss Ariel's watch and we got a chance to cruise the store while getting fully caffeinated. Charlotte hung out with usand enjoyed the private time without her pesky 3 three year olds around. We bought an entire beef tenderloin and had it sliced for steaks on the grill as a Father's Day dinner. As we cruised the aisles I was planning the menu and looking forward to spoiling Jeff with a culinary treat or two.

Halfway into grilling the steaks I ran out of propane. This absolutely chaps my hide every time it happens and I can't for the life of me figure out why the exchangable tanks do not have a gauge so you can predict the outage and know the level. Arggh, there is nothing worse that running out of gas. I moved our barely seared steaks inside and finished the job on the Wolfgang Puck indoor grill. We had a great meal with all 8 of our kids- 6 of our own plus Carly and Argenida. It was a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.

I made sure to do Father's Day the way I want Mother's day to be celebrated- as if to set an example. The kids are just now starting to understand celebrations and I want them to honor the guy that they call Daddy. So my dear readers, if you need a reference on how fathers are supposed to behave and act, look no further than right here- you can't deny that Jeff Slutsky is the silliest, smartest, and sexiest dad around. How is that for an endorsement honey?

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