Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Three- Celebrating 90

It is not often if ever that people get to attend their baby sister's 90th birthday party. My grandmother and our entire family were lucky enough to be included in Aunt Dorothy's 90th bash. How cool is it that Aunt Dorothy had 3 OLDER siblings at her party?
I am serious when I say, in our family, 90 is the new 75. Don't these 90 somethings look amazing? Dorothy is the baby in the teal sweater set and my grandmother who is a spry 98 is seated next to her. Uncle Jules is going to be (G-d willing) 94 next week and Aunt Florence who traveled from Maryland is only 95. WOW, just wow!

Dorothy's children hosted her affair at Zest in Mission Farms. We had a intimate private dining area for our champagne luncheon.

The plasma screen played all the old home movies that were recently converted to dvd format, so while we were eating we got to be entertained with previous simchas scrolling along the wall. I took a bunch of family photos to document the day and after reviewing the images I am still in awe of the honored guest and her siblings.

We took the kids and some of the out of towners with us to Waldo Pizza for dinner. CJ was in hog heaven with gluten free pizza
and gluten free cupcakes. All the cousins attended andI have been trying to get a decent image of all of Nana and Papa's grandchildren, ever since the Jayhawk photo of last year, and I was able to assemble the kids at Waldo Pizza and take this line-upmug shot of the 6 under 4 years. Everyone was enjoying the dinner

and the party like atmosphere. The kids played in the game room and would have gone througb a hundred bucks if we had let them.

I helped Eli score this stuffed animal lobster and it is so cute, not worth 65 tries at a buck a piece though, so after a few failed attempts I convinced my brood to step away from the machine- I told them I would buy them a stuffed animal at CVS on the way back to the hotel, and I did. I spent $5 and some change and I was pleased that it ended right then and there.

We called it a night, put the kids in their sleeping bags and got geared up for day 4. This whole change of scenery is working out just fine. So far.

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