Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Four- full of fun

I am hesitant to write how much fun we are having because as soon as I am all sunshine and rainbows, someone poops on the floor, spills a quart of maple syrup on the floor or turns into a smurf with a blue sharpie marker. However, on day four in Kansas City we crammed as much fun as we could into the day and I am not afraid to jinx us. Yet. All we have left is do drive home, what could possibly go wrong with four kids on a 10 plus hour drive??? Gah!

We started with a picnic style breakfast at I-Lan park. I asked my local friends and family to meet us there so they could all witness the freak show that is my life. I was watching the kids monkey around and I heard a familiar voice. I knew it from somewhere...and then it came to me, it was my high school friend, Kelly Jernigan.WOW- even with facebook we had lost touch and this was like a real life face to face encounter that topped anything Facebook could do. We got to talking and catching up and showed off our kids. As Kelly left I thought about all the antics and hell we used to raise- like playing strip poker at my parents' dining room table-ahhh, good times, good times. Now WE are parents. Oy!

My favorite friends arrived with their kids and I was able to enjoy talking with them because the children were totally into playing and running around. It was actually quite pleasant to just relax and hang out. My grandmother made it to the parkand you could just tell she was beaming with pride watching her 6 great grandchildren play.

If I could have selected a husband based on future in laws, everyone knows it would have been the Pools. I was thrilled when they arrived to love on the kids and share in the visit. I decided, they are my Moroccan adopted in laws now- there I said it. It is on the record now. I always wanted brothers, and if I snag the Pools as my in laws, I get three brothers, right Nathaniel, Mike and Joel? Set a few extra places (6)for us at Pesach, okay?

The kids napped from total and complete exhaustion. Jeff and I were able to catch a few winks too before we woke up and were in a panic to get everyone pottied and in the van to be on time for dinner at Aunt Nat and Aunt Shell's. It wasn't until we hurried ourselves silly that we drove away from the hotel and saw that the clock on the van showed 4:05. Apparently one of the kids played with the digital clock radio next to our bed and fast forwarded the time about an hour and 20 mintues. Dammit, we were dressed and on the way too early. Ackkkk these kids are genuine monkeys. I was glad to be on time and not rushed for once. In the grand scheme of things, this was not a big deal.

We invaded the Milgrams fashionably early and the cousins got a good dose of playing before we ate dinner. The all-star Eichenwald grandchildren band held a concert in the basement.

It was deafening and loud. Note to self, bring earplugs to future family functions.

Aunt Rachelle bought some of the gluten free ice cream cones and the kids devoured the treat. After the meal they all went into the backyard for more fun and frolics. Note to self, our future home should have a neighborhood that allows fencing- it is simply a must have with kids- you can let them loose with little fear of a jail break.

We moved their activity indoors again and let them play and run around for one last time. CJ was jamming on the guitar

and kept shouting, "ROCK ON" while the rest of the kids took out every puzzle, toy and musical instrument from the toy area. Oh the fun of playing with other kids' toys.

We are headed home in the morning and are looking forward to a real vacation at home. Once the laundry is caught up, the groceries are re-stocked and I am in my own bed it will be pure unadulterated bliss. A change of scenery is nice once in a while but remember I am from Kansas and there is no place like home!

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