Saturday, June 13, 2009

FINALLY!!! The Change of Scenery Report, Day One and Two

YES... I am alive, I just don't have any privacy or space in our room to blog without little people interrupting or pushing keys on my computer, so until I get a break to leave, I will be update as I can.

YES!!! We managed to hit the road right on schedule and were out of the driveway before 6:00 a.m. with the van loaded for the duration. Amazingly the kids did so well on the drive. I had the where with all to plot all of the McDonalds playplaces along our route on I-70. I added each one to the Garmin so at any point we could see how far we needed to go before we should stop and let the kids out to play.

First stop, Indianapolis, Indiana around 9:00 EST.

Our next scheduled stop was for fuel, then on to the Saint Louis Arch. Part of the road trip experience is stopping at monuments along the way. Since Argenida has never seen the Gateway to the West we made sure to get out, let the kids RUN and soak in the touristy sight.

It was a glorious day and it felt good to stretch and soak in some sun and fresh air. The orange tee shirts with MY PARENTS ARE EXHAUSTED made their usual appearance and were good for more than a few laughs from the general public,.

We moved our party West to Hazelwood, Missouri and let the kids play some more at the Old McD play place. We took some fries, refilled sippy cups and drove the last leg into KC. The kids were really okay for the journey. There were a few small meltdowns and some whining towards the end, but in all honesty it was not holy hell or gawd awful. The only bone of contention was the condition of the inside of the van after 11 hours. I am sure I will be picking up raisins and peanuts until 2011.

We got unloaded at the hotel and met up with Nana, Papa, Rachelle and Bee at Sweet Tomatoes. Eli requested this place and it was perfect for the first real meal of the day.

There is only so much snacking you can do before you just need a meal.

After dinner we went to Village Shalom to visit Grandma. Since it was 7:30 when we arrived, she was already dressed for bed, but that did not stop her from coming into the playroom to see her great grandchildren. At 98 years young, she is totally amazing. Her hair is always done and without a stitch of makeup her skin is flawless. I sure hope I get these genes.

The kids put on quite a show for her and they destroyed the organization of the room within about 30 seconds. We let the monkeys enjoy themselves for an hour before we headed back to the hotel for the night.

For the most part bed tine at the hotel was simple. The triplets each had a sleeping bag for their "camp-out" and our suite had a separate bedroom for us, and Argenida was able to use the queen sofa sleeper. This is what heaven looks like after being confined to a van all day. Yes, I bought three matching sleeping bags from another triplet mom, and yes they are hot pink, and girlie, but Eli and CJ did not mind, they were just thrilled to have them.

The actual sleeping bag rolls up into the flower pillow and they are adorable, but they are really the most darling with three sleeping angels inside the covers.

Day Two came early and we got up and out of the hotel in time for the opening of the Deanna Rose Farmstead. This is a favorite spot for the kids because it is a petting zoo, garden, and playground all in one park like setting. It is free admission so when you take a boat load of kids you just need patience not cash. We meandered through the whole wonderland and took photo opps everywhere possible.

Samuel was fighting off a cough and cold bug so he stayed home and every time we took a group photo we wished he had been with us too.

Eli and CJ got their first real pony ride. The ponies were saddled up and ready for the two cowboys to take their fist trail ride.

YAHOO! They were totally into the experiecne and were so happy. Natalie on the other hand was a bit aprehensive and did not want to do it, so she watched the boys and Lillian enjoy the horses.

We left Deanna Rose in time for lunch at Jason's Deli. This is a kid friendly establishment and we were able to feed everyone and their dietary needs in one stop. After lunch we took the kids to the hotel pool and then napped them before we picked up Oma for dinner. We ate pool side and it was refreshing and nice to just hang out with the cousins.

All of the Eichenwald Grandchildren love the water and are daredevils at the pool. I think Oma got worn out just watching them.

So as we prepare for day three of the road trip journey we are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends. This is the official end of the day one and two report. Thanks Panera for the free wi-fi and the delicious snack.

The Queen


The Wright Trips said...

Sweet pictures! Looks like you guys are having a blast. I'm glad the kiddos are behaving, for the most part :)

Indianapolis! You weren't far from me. Enjoy your time away.


Anonymous said...

how come on here you never blog about how you lie to me all the time... and how are family really is not perfect at all and how this is all bullshit

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