Monday, June 1, 2009

Bloopers and Unworthy Blog Photos

I thought it would be humbling to see some of the blooper photos from my camera. If there can be a comedy show devoted to bloopers and out takes, certainly my blog can go there, right?

Here are images that are just comical from the standpoint of FML- as in, yeah, this situation sucks or good lord what have they done now, Calgon Take Me Away!

I am sure someday (maybe never) I will look at these photographs and see the humor. Not yesterday or today though.

After all it is not always sunshine, smiles and cotton candy candids. With four little people to photograph there are always eyes looking away, mis-aligned smiles

and total boycott or defiance. So when you see my darlings all posed and looking lovingly at the camera you should know that there 451 "other" shots taken in order to get the one WINNER.

Ahhh the classic examples of the images that have not been blog worthy until today!

The Queen

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