Saturday, May 30, 2009

Triplet Mania

After the last couple pf posts with all due respect to the Beatles, I am now blogging about Triplet Mania. The event of the year for those of us with Supertwins (triplets and higher order multiples) in the metro Columbus area.

Today was the annual triplet Spring picnic at Highbanks Park. We all gathered at the Northern Shelter house which needed little markings
all we had to do was find the shelter with a parking lot full of minivans and Suburbans. Upon a closer look at the green space you could see half a dozen choo choo wagons, so basically it was a moms of multiples free for all.

Welcome to Triplet Mania

There were over 20 families with triplets (plus) at the event. It was a great to see so many smiling faces!

The weather was ideal for schlepping all the gear, food, toys, wagons, strollers, and supplies. Sunny and less than 80 is perfect. The playground area was filled with color coordinated teams of kids and it was darling to stand back and watch. This is one place when no one asks you if they are triplets, no one says, Oh My You Have Your Hands Full, and no one asks if you took fertility drugs or if you watch Jon and Kate.

We assembled all the parents and kids for a group photo. Have you ever seen so many sets of multiples all at once? Our crew had so much fun hanging with their own kind so to speak.

This is the same group of women that meet locally once a month for cocktails and dinner. The picnic is the semi annual event that includes kids- so we get to put names and faces along with the horror stories of painting with poop, rotovirus times three, preschool problems, triple tantrums and other revelations. We have so much in common and support each other in a way that is just different from other moms with singletons. The bond is there from the get go and it really strengthens with time as our children grow up together. More fascinating is to see the growth and maturity in the kids themselves. Some of us had babies in the NICU together and clearly they kids have totally changed since then. What a wonderful group of totally amazing families.

Maybe next year I can sell tee shirts as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes- What parent of supertwins would not want to buy some cleverly worded clothing to support such an exceptional and personal charity. I will have to take orders in advance to be sure I have enough stock of:

My Parents are Exhausted
It Is Not A Party Until My Kid Pisses On The Playground
Monkey See Monkey Do, Monkey Get in Trouble Too
Triplet Mania 2009- The Supertwins Columbus Tour

Stay tuned for next Tuesday when it is time for the Moms to party with drinks and dinner sans the offspring. I will have another post about these fabulous friends- and there will be cocktails so it will be Triplet Momma Mania where cleverly worded tee shirts are not needed. You can find us when you roll up to the restaurant and all you see are minivans and some deserving women. See you then!

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Ms. Perky said...

I'VE seen that many triplets at once! We just had our annual triplet picnic ourselves, actually and it was all kinds of fun. :) The picture of our parking lot was strikingly similar - Honda Odysseys, Toyota Siennas, and Suburbans. :)

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