Monday, May 11, 2009

They are In LOVE

When Eli first talked of having a girlfriend at school I assumed he meant a friend that happened to be a girl. He is in a preschool classroom of 2.5 and three year olds so I was shocked to realize he had a real, mutual relationship with a girl in his class. It is legit, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. This is not some one sided crush- they are in love.

I found out that his girlfriend, Li'elle goes to school M-F whereas Eli only attends on M-W-F. His sweetie gets upset on Tuesdays and Thursdays because he won't be there. She loves him and he loves her and their affection in class is so cute. They hold hands, they greet each other with hugs and kisses and they play house in the pretend kitchen. I love that their names are versions of each others with a twist in pronunciation and spelling. Miss Thing is a darling, petite princess and Eli claims that when they get big they are going to get married and live in his Kingdom with mermaids, horses, dogs and a pool. According to Eli he is going to have a rubber car so he can bounce around, and he is buying his wife a Porsche. C'mon people I can't make this shit up- HE IS THREE YEARS OLD!

At the preschool fundraiser this week we saw the quote from Eli about is oil on canvas- of course he states that Li'elle makes him happy.Awwwww, he mentions her in his first important publicly displayed work. Could this be a bit of history repeating itself? Like father like son, right? Jeff did dedicate his most recent book to me, and said I was the perfect woman for him. Coincidence? Perhaps! Jeff and I had a nice, long chat with the future in-laws and as it turns out- they are all for this relationship between our beloved children. You see, as her father quickly pointed out, if we get the plans confirmed now, it will save him about 25 years of agonizing grief. He offered to call the rabbi and set it all up so he won't be up late nights worrying about his daughter's precious future. He thought he might survive the teen age years if he knew she would end up with a nice guy like Eli. It kind of makes sense since we adore her parents and we would have the most amazing looking grandchildren from this special young couple.

All joking aside, they are IN LOVE.

Ahhhh, Love- ain't it grand?

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