Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Sunday with the Slutskys

It was an action packed Summer Sunday. The triplets attended a classmate's birthday party and they are totally into celebrations nowadays. They understand the concept of a party with cake and goodie bags. I brought along CJ's cake so he could sit with everyone and enjoy the moment. I practically had to drag them out of there and the only incentive was to mention going to the pool.

During our Mexican dinner we played Spanish Flashcards. My Gringo husband led the lesson and it was like the blind leading the blind- only in Espanol. At one point I decided to make a video so my Grandmother could hear her grandchildren speaking her native language. It was all going well until CJ started swearing in English.

It is like I turn on the digital video camera and he shows off or something? Note to self, do not let him follow in his father's footsteps. Can you imagine the Street Fighter Swearing series led by CJ Slutsky- the son of the original street fighter- OY VAY!

After dinner I let them burn off some energy at the pool. The evening sun is perfect for photos and I wanted to really capture the cute smile and curly hair on CJ

especially after he said GD on the video. Eli and Natalie were playing mermaid and shark

and had races across the length of the baby pool and Charlotte spent a fair amount of time splashing,

dancing and pouring water on her head. They are like little fish. Only sassier.

When we got home it was straight into jammies. Natalie was supposed to wear the camisole and capris but insisted that she be allowed to switch with Eli because she wanted LONG SLEEVE PANTS.

Thankfully Eli was happy to appease her wishes, and he gladly put on hers instead. Of course I whipped out the camera because I am sure these images will be perfect for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah videos someday.

Tomorrow starts the first week without daytime plans. No school. No travel. No camp. No NOTHING. I am so excited. After the Sunday Swearing Session I am looking forward to some uneventful blog entries. How do you say, I am so screwed in Spanish?

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The Wright Trips said...

Okay, I laughed out loud on that video. CJ is hilarious! I know you aren't supposed to laugh at kids cussing, but that was funny...I couldn't help it. I had to go in to the living room & tell my husband.

As always, the kids look stinkin' cute! You're right, great pictures when the sun is going down.


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