Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Start of a Slutsky Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of Summer at the Slutskys. We spend the warm months getting to every nap or bedtime. My basic schedule includes feeding them breakfast then keeping them busy until lunch, followed by naps, then occupying the afternoon until dinner, followed by more stimulation until bedtime. Since it is daylight until 9:00 every night that means I have to find more things to do to fill the space between meals and sleeping.

My ideal schedule includes Jeff making them breakfast and keeping them relatively safe and clean until I get them dressed and out the door. Ultimately we will have somewhere to go each morning so that I can just countdown until nap time. Once I get them properly fed and napped it is time for another outing until dinner. Lather, rinse repeat until school starts in the Fall.

Today was a picture perfect example of how I would like to fill the rest of the Summer, with some variation for good measure. I had them outfitted in their swimwear when we hit the neighborhood park and playground at 10:00. Argenida slept in and Jeff went to the office, so this was a prime chance for me to gauge the feasibility of doing the Summer Schedule solo- just in case.

The children adore the playground and wide open space of the park green area. It was free for all with activity.

Great Success! I let them monkey around until 10:45 when the pool opened.

I brought a picnic lunch and fed them at the pool to avoid further mess making in my kitchen. It was a snacky lunch of odds and ends but they loved it all the same.

They played and swam some more until it was nap time. I changed them out of the wet stuff and into tee shirts before they crashed from utter exhaustion. SCORE!

After the power nap I took them to the Eagles Nest at Giant Eagle and let Miss Ariel have a turn at keeping them fully entertained. Once I picked up a few items for dinner Jeff and I sat in the cafe and enjoyed the silence for an hour and a half. I could have read a magazine but I felt obligated to communicate with my spouse. We rarely get the chance to just sit and talk without interruption, so this is a beautiful moment in the day.

Once I fed everyone dinner we changed back into the swimsuits and hit the pool

until 8:00- I packed some of my famous pool toys for the evening excursion and they were busy playing and the time just flew by- normally this is the witching hour at home. It was into pajamas after a few videos of the Jumparounds, they were off to the land of nod.

As you can see, these kids love the great outdoors. So long as the weather permits I can only imagine that this is my new routine- with some travel and field trips mixed in. Strawberry picking starts in two weeks so on days when I am extra motivated to wow them, we will take some breaks from the above mentioned Slutsky Summer Schedule. Until then, we are off to a rip roaring start!

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Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Miss Mary is my special *sitter* at the Eagles Nest! LOL!

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