Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shout out to Mitchell

I rarely get any good (juicy) blog worthy stories about Mitchell or Amanda. If they were total hellions I would have lots to report, but since they are basically decent solid citizens it is kind quiet on the blog when it comes to them. I should say, I am happy that this is the case. No news is good news with kids between 16-20, right?

Mitchell has been running track this year. He decided to join the track team in lieu of weightlifting for football, so he selected the easier way out. If he wasn't participating on the track team he would have to be in the gym lifting and conditioning with all his football teammates. Who knew that his laziness would pay off? It turns out he is a track star athlete. His 4x4 team is going to the regionals and they are damn good. They are not all star, balls to the wall, slam dunk sexy- Colin Ricker good, but close. Since I get to brag on Mitchell and embarrass him on my blog here is an action shot of our track star.
As this clip shows, the boy can run. RUN FORREST RUN!

Clearly he is not as sexy as Colin Ricker, but then again, who is?So next time you are at Abercrombie and Fitch, check the photo on your shopping bag, it might just be our very own track star posing in all his glory. Mitchell we are so proud of you!

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The Husband (and Father) said...

I thought that was a picture of him holding his report card, running away from home before I had a chance to see it! He really can run fast when he's motivated. Actually, his team is off to the Finals this week and a shot at State. Good luck, Lickity-Split.

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