Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See Guys- you used to play nicely together

This is a post for my children. I know someday they will have access to this blog and all the information that would have been in a baby book, if I had made one instead of journaling their lives on the Internet, messing around on facebook and posting rants on Triplet Connection. Alas, I know you guys will be able to log on and see what things were like when you were younger and when Mommie had a shred of sanity left. See kids my wig was dark brown not grey- kind of looks natural don't you think?

I am documenting this evening in particular- you see dear children, tonight, you were all behaving nicely and getting along. with each other. playing. sliding. sharing. It was spectacular to see. Most of the days and evenings are spent breaking up the bickering and fights, explaining how to take turns, and asking for you to be kind to one another. Tonight the stars aligned and the red sea parted in New Albany. It was a miracle. Thank you LORD.

You all sat side by side in two carts for our weekly trip to Costco. All four little people ate their meal and enjoyed a small cup of soft serve vanilla ice cream.

The shoppers around us were in awe of the four cute kids sitting together so politely. We were asked a ton of questions as usual and Natalie proudly announced that she burbed- it was glorious.

To tempt fate I took you all to Lambton Park where the love fest continued. There were taking turns for the swings, sliding in tandem, and three, three year olds taking a ride on the tire swing.

It was an awesome evening. I took a zillion photos because I felt like it could end at any moment. But it didn't.

See guys, you got along. Let this be a glimpse into your past. I know that someday you won't get along so famously and I will have this post to prove my point. So there.

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