Monday, May 25, 2009

The Real Housewives of Franklin County- the Memorial Day Special 2009

When the Real Housewives of Franklin County get together on Memorial Day it is a jam packed, family affair in Columbus. RS hosted an amazing outdoor party and with all the housewives, all the husbands, all the kids, all the nannies and the combination made for a total blast!

Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to just enjoy the celebration with friends and family. The Real Housewives of Franklin County (RHOFC) know how to have a great time.

The kids could not get enough of the gorgeous pool. God Bless Argenida for taking them in the water so I could stay fully clothed.

All four of my children were decked and dripping in Lilly Pulitzer and I swear it appeared as if I dipped them in Lilly water which is not much different than holy water when you are a Palm Beach Princess and RHOFC.

Everyone and their children were busy in one part of the backyard or another. At one point I noticed that the Real Husbands of Franklin County were doing a damn fine job of watching and engaging their kids so that the RHOFC could get their food and drink on.
Where were the Bravo video cameras when we needed them? I did my best to capture the spirit of the day but I am sure that our series producers would have caught some snarky behind the scenes comments and drama. We all know reality tv is all about editing. I can't even photoshop worth a damn, so these images are coming to you straight from my piece of crap digital, right to the blog.

Fortunately for us their weren't any cat fights or squabbles over who had the most bling, and our husbands and kids behaved within reason, so it was BORING and Glorious if you catch my drift.

It sure helps that the scenery at the RS compound is stellar. She will have a back up plan if the RHOFC is a flop- she can host House Beautiful or La dee dah garden something- know what I mean?

And, I tried to find some weeds or dandelions on her property just to prove she is not as perfect as her hair, and no, I could not find a single weed of any kind dammit. And her hair was perfect even in the humidity. GAH!

Just as we were getting ready to call it a day, I saw CJ flirting with Emma. Then just as I got my camera out and powered on, he planted a big ol kiss right on her.
It was the sweetest ending to a wonderful day. Happy Memorial Day from this Real Housewife. Stay tuned for the RHOFC Fourth of July special- I promise to find more scandal for the sake of my ratings.

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