Friday, May 8, 2009

The Preschool Picassos and Parents make for a mega fundraiser SUCCESS

Last year I tagged along to the art show and silent auction at what I lovingly refer to as Temple Beth Chanel. My friend RS with the perfect hair had been singing the praises of this preschool and when I went to the event I knew right then and there that my kids would be attending the following year. Remember how I bought lunch with the director of the school so I could figure out how to send all three of my kids there? I can not believe that was a year feels like it was yesterday. Only old people say shit like that, but in this case, I am saying it because it is true. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

This year since our kids have been going there together we met at RS's home for a pre-party with wine and snick snacks. Both of our parents joined the group so it was especially fun.

We just hung out and grazed until it was time to move our party to the school for the official start of the festivities.

What parent or grandparent wouldn't show up to view their kids' masterpieces on display along with the silent auction. This school has it going on...they display one of a kind kid designed creations for the art show, and get a room full of parents, grandparents and synagogue members together for a big time silent auction fundraiser. The place was happening big time.

Check out this blog-worthy buffet of appetizers and desserts. This is not some crappy day care center event- this is Temple Beth Chanel for crying out loud.

The food was amazing. Simply amazing.

I know these photos do not begin to do the art justice. I tried to capture the absolute brilliance of the pieces. The canvas works were completely beautiful with each one labeled by the artist along with a quote about the work.

It was a hoot to see what each of the children had to say about their important works. I was blown away

by the jewelry and acrylic and beaded door hangers these kids made- and I am sad that the digital images don't show the attention to detail.

The classes made some abstract paintings and the teachers cut and pasted the works onto blank note cards and envelopes. I bought a set of these cute cards to use for thank you notes and greeting cards- what a cool idea for an additional must have purchase to help raise money for the school.
These look and feel like the stationery you buy at an art gallery only the beauty is the back side that shows it was created by the preschoolers. Note to self, make these at home for personalized gifts on the cheap.

The one thing that makes me LOVE this school is the director, the staff, and the other parents.

It is not a preschool- it is a family- and that is so refreshing when you are trusting your impressionable children to others. Who knew that a year ago my blog post would be foreshadowing?

I am chomping at the bit to find out what items are mine- we left before the close of some of the tables and I hope that my bids on microdermabrasion, pedicures, and massages were high enough to score me the win but low enough to appease the husband. I can say that the preschool picasso art show and silent auction was a huge success. Now how do we top it next year when I have FOUR kids enrolled there?

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