Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Play Date Play Great

The boys and I went over to RS's place for a play date. And yes, her was perfect at 4:00 in the afternoon after playing outside with the kids. Natalie had a runny nose, did not nap and was cranky, so it was a boys only affair with little Miss Remy. The triplets and Remy are 8 days apart- RS was due with her about 3 months before our original due date, yet thanks to pre-eclampsia the triplets came 8 days before Remy. I recall visiting RS at the hospital while the babies were upstairs in the NICU- That was last week, right- oh, no it was three and half years ago, gotcha. Take a look at how things have progressed since then... The kids just played and played and played great together. They invaded the backyard swing set and climbed, slid, and monkeyed around for an hour.

It was fun to hear them interact with each other. They all go to school together so this was like recess on steroids.

CJ noticed a statue along the backyard landscape. He studied it long and hard before he told me."I can see that lady's boobies!"He did not notice that she did not have any arms- but in all fairness he is a guy- she could have had 4 arms and he would not have noticed as long as her boobies were showing. Like father like son? Yeah, for sure.

After the kids got finished with the outdoor portion of our play date, they went up to play in the train room. This is a third floor bonus room filled with things that go.

I was waiting for John Candy to pop out of the closet and shout, Planes, Trains and Automobiles! I had to practically drag CJ and Eli out of there.

I went into this play date very nervously- I worried my monkeys would bolt in different directions knocking over sculptures or breaking glass. My little people are well behaved for the most part but as soon as you assume they are not going to reek havoc, they jinx me. As you can see I was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone got along. To my knowledge there were no spills, toys broken, fights or temper tantrums. We might even get invited back- whoooo hoo, play date, play great!

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Jessica said...

Too Cute! The boobies comment cracked me up! They are getting so big!

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