Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Panties- Oy Vay!

Today is the last official classroom day of Temple Beth Chanel preschool. I have been preparing the triplets for this all week. They love school, adore their teachers and of course the highlight of Eli's existence is seeing his girlfriend, Li'elle, so when school ends they will be sad.

I wanted to give each of our teachers a little something on the last day. A token gift from our crew. This morning while I was getting them all dressed, I asked them what they thought would be a nice present for their teachers. I was horrified by the unanimous response. PINK PANTIES. This is how the conversation went:

Eli: "Let's get them pretty pink panties."

CJ chimed: "Lots and Lots and Lots of pink panties!"

I was completely taken a back. I asked them point blank, "You want to give Cathy and Mel pink panties as a present?"

Natalie enthusiastically shouted: "Oh they will love a bunch of Pink panties Mommie, I know they will love them, we can each give them some so they will have so many pink panties from us!"

Ummmm, okay. I am not sure what to say, or how to respond that giving teachers underwear is not really appropriate- it is a delicate subject, pun intended. How do you explain boundaries to three year olds who clearly do not understand the concept of privacy and modesty? I was pondering my next move when Eli continued:

Eli: Mommie, "Yayyyy, let's bring the pink panties to school wiff us today. Don't forget to bring them, okay Mommie!"

CJ: "Right Eli, we should give them to da teachers today because the pink panties smell so beautiful!"

Me: WHAT!!!! The pink panties smell good?

Good Lord, I have panty sniffers? Panties, smell good? Before I was weak and almost fainted from mortification, Natalie finished where CJ left off:

Natalie: Mommie the pink panties smell sweet and magical and Cathy and Mel will be so glad to smell them all day. Let's go outside and get the panties now! NOW MOMMIE, right NOW!"

HUH? Before I could react with sheer and total panic, I asked Natalie to show me the Pink Panties she was talking about. This is when I realized I did not have three perverted and fetish loving children. They all walked outside and stood along side the PEONY bushes. P-E-O-N-I-E-S! They were trying to say the that the gorgeous pink blooms, PINK PEONIES were Pink Panties. My kids are PEONY SNIFFERS, not panty sniffers. Whew, deep breaths, deep breaths. It was a communication error and mispronounced flower- now I get it. OHHHHH! PINK PEONIES! Great idea. Glad you guys thought of it. Perfect. Wheeeew. Now who is embarrassed? Thank GAWD we cleared that up.

And yes, we lovingly gave our teachers their pink peonies this morning.

Pink Peonies are a real crowd pleaser!


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So funny! I couldn't stop laughing at your 'pantie sniffers'!


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