Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Add to my job description a new skill- BOTHERING my Children. My job or career as a parent includes: mentoring, feeding, scheduling, transporting, clothing, educating, loving, and now...BOTHERING. I have gone from being involved and engaging them, to BUGGING THE BAJEEZUS out of them. Good times, Good times.

I have blogged about the challenges of raising 28 week preemie triplets. In the beginning there were challenges on top of challenges. We overcame. They learned to walk right on schedule. But when it came time to assess the triplets vocabulary and verbal skills, it was obvious we had a problem. Of course being part of a set, and being preemies contributed to their speech delays. When I had them tested by the County they qualified for services and received all kinds of therapies. As a parent I was obsessed about their progress and development and I worried that they would never catch up to full term singletons.

Jeff of course, was rolling his eyes about enrolling them in speech therapy- not because he felt as though they did not need it, but because he knew that once they started talking, they would not stop. He knew they would eventually catch up to their peers, but his logic made him say out loud, "What is the hurry?" Back then, we were on opposite sides of the speech issue. I was moving mountains to get them into speech therapy. I sat in on every parent teacher conference and planning session. I lost sleep with worry. Jeff was of a different mind set. He could see that by rushing them into having conversations, we were headed here:

Now, they are all too verbal. They never quit talking, and they are always engaging in LOUD play. See what they learn in speech therapy! THEY LEARN TO TALK! They learn to express how they feel with words, so I guess in all fairness to his therapists, these kids are success stories, right? They are adjusted to a full term singletons when it comes to telling me to kiss off....or in this case, bothering them. NICE! Now when do those etiquette classes start?

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