Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

A while ago I complained about how simple holidays have become week long celebrations with over the top decor, meals, and gifts, like Valentine's Day, and Purim. This Sunday is officially Mother's Day at our house, although now I am not complaining. I guess spending the entire weekend honoring moms is the exception, right?

Since Nana & Papa were still here to join us we just crammed the weekend full of activity that the kids would enjoy and that would not make me want to open a vein. We skipped the zoo (no choo choo to help contain our own monkey exhibit) and instead opted to stay inside when the weather was wet and grey. Guess what happens when you ask the children where they want to eat lunch, instead of telling them where we are going?

Note to Nana, our parental policy is don't ask, just tell- case in point- our trip to the Wester-bill McD.

My children showered me with special gifts. I got a heart shaped trophy like plaque made of glass and it features a famous quote by our very own CJ Slutsky- all the little ones names are on the carved glass and it is adorable.It is not Steuben but it is personalized- which means Jeff actually had to plan in advance and think it through, IMPRESSIVE!

I used to have a got triplets? sticker on the back of my sexy mini van- when Charlotte arrived Amanda took it upon herself to remove the stick people images because according to her, it was unfair that Charlotte was not properly represented. I was actually shocked to get a replacement that met with the family's approval.I was more surprised to just find it stuck to my rear window. This is the kind of shock I like- as opposed to finding random poop nuggets or sharpie marker on the leather couch.

Papa spent some quality time giving Eli a computer lesson. Eli got this keyboard from Papa last year at Hanukkah and it is fun to see them bond over the pc and monitor screen.

Can you say two peas in a pod? I wonder how long it will take before Eli is getting jokes from Papa in his e-mail? Should I take a blog poll on this, I could award prizes for the closest date to the actual first email Eli receives.

My kids did some coloring projects for me- they were making various cards with construction paper and crayon.

I thought it would be cute to take some digital video footage and pictures to go along with the finished product. Sort of a behind the scenes making of the art documentary for the blog of course.

Eli said I need to let him do his business and to stop talking-he said talking while he was working was RUDE. I think this is becoming a re-occuring theme to my movie making days. So much for the darling movies about my children, now all the digital footage is mouthy and bossy. GREAT! Just great!

We invited Eli's girlfriend and her parents over for Sunday brunch. I made a gluten free, dairy kosher style brunch for all of us. It was a buffet so the more the merrier.

We had to send Nana & Papa back to Kansas City with full bellies and this was the best way to do just that. The adults gabbed and gossiped while the kids played it was awesome. Making brunch for 12 with a start time of 9:30 a.m. Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Check out the adorable card I received from Mitchell- only he can pull off the cheezy Hallmark cards by adding his own sarcastic and slangly worded personal note.
When he really pisses me off or pulls one of his less than wonderful stunts, I can look back at the sweetness of this card to channel my hostility elsewhere. Good move Mitchell, considering the frequency of your antics. Nice diversion.

So for now, I am on Mother's Day system overload. It may take me 364 days to recover. I think I will officially take a REAL day off next week- a whole day- for me, in honor of being the Mommie. Don't worry, you can come along with me on a day jam packed with adventure, bargains, spa treatments and fine dining- now....I think I will pick Wednesday May 13- stick around- we will have fun.

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Lani said...

Looks like a fun-filled day:) Happy Mother's Day to you!

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