Monday, May 4, 2009

Kate Gosselin versus Flock of Sea Gulls will it still be JON & KATE plus 8?

Allrighty then....there is a BUZZ (pun intended) about the tabloids that Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate plus 8, the TLC bread winners, are in trouble. Not in trouble because their show sucks donkey dicks, but more like, in trouble because their marriage is headed for the crapper. If I gave two dirty diapers about them I would speculate and care, but I really don't. To me they are sell outs and that kind of makes me want to throw up in my own mouth. Their show used to be about a real life family with multiple multiples, now it is not.

Now, for the pesky Jon is a cheating rumors...I think this is a good old fashioned publicity stunt.Most of the moms of multiples I know and hang with both in real life and in cyber blogland, can't watch J&K plus 8 because it is no longer a reality show, it is a sponsorship plug with perks. Seriously, if Jeff and I got the same kind of celeb treatment we would take our kids to Hawaii too, but alas, we don't work for TLC. Yet. Muhhhhaaahhha. So when your target audience of fellow parents aren't boosting your ratings, you have to drum up business and viewers the good old fashioned way: DRAMA! In this case churning the rumor mill with infidelity could be just what the show needs. A kick in the ass so to speak. If you ask me watching them feed their brood organic meals prepared by some behind the scenes chef is (YAWN!) b-o-r-i-n-g. Watching Jon cavort around outside a motel at 2 a.m. while Kate is signing books in another time zone....well, that my friends, is blog worthy and therefore just what the doctor ordered to perk up those lagging ratings this season. Shazam, they are on the cover of US weekly.

As for Kate's new hair do, if you ask me, it is a hair DON'T.If anyone else dared to chop the back of the crown like they got caught in a low hanging ceiling fan, but left the front in an asymmetrical bob, they would be laughed at and mocked shamelessly. See, like right here, on this very blog. To me, this haircut alone would be grounds for infidelity if you had to wake up next to it first thing in the morning. YIKES, can you imagine this hair after it has been slept on...feh! This is the haircut a woman gets when she wants her husband to leave.

Remember one of the 1980's finest bands- The Flock of Seagulls?I have such fond memories. This is an image of the famed 1980's band, Flock of Seagulls. This is where Kate is headed, literally. One more trip to the salon and she is less than inches from becoming the newest member of The Flock of Seagulls. She is one haircut away from being confused with Michael Score seen below singing Jon Gosselin's new theme song.

Kate can take her head and hairstyle one step further and wind up listening to her precious Jon sing, I RAN, I RAN SO FAR AWAY, I RAN, I COULDN'T GET AWAY!

So... because my life is short on juicy blog material I mock those who have opened their lives up to public scrutiny, for ratings, cash, prizes and possible romps in a motel at 2 O'clock in the mornin. TLC will continue with Jon and Kate plus 8 or will it be, the new and improved version called, Kate and 8 HEADING UP The New decide.


loren said...


That's pretty much how I feel, summed up nicely. IMO, they are sellouts and the fact that their kids are being used for a cash cow (would anyone watch if it was just Jon & Kate? NO) drives me insane.

The hair kills me! KILLS ME!!! I thought maybe they ran out of time and only cut half of it.

Katie said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!
So true and well written, made me LMAO!!!

katengarry from TC

Rachel said...


FrenznickFive said...

LOL!! i used to love that show before having the trio but now she really makes me want to just punch her in the face because she is so fake and their life is fake yet every random stranger on the street thinks that because I have triplets i must LOOOVE J&K plus 8 Ack!

TripMomma said...


Christa @ Quintooples said...

OMW, I am so LMAO. Haha.

Mandie said...


Nomad said...

it looks like whoever did Kate Gosselin's hair changed their mind about what they were doing half way through styling it, then just didn't bother fixing the other half

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