Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a moment in time

To prove that you really forget how small your babies were here is a short video (no sound) that I made when the triplets were 75 days old- I remember taking the video because I thought they had gotten soooo big. I recall wanting to upload this to my parents so they could see how chubby the babies had gotten.

I was proud of their bellies and I wanted to document what chubbers I had. OMG- now I look at this and realize I had three babies in baby bath tub that was designed for a single wonder they looked so huge. They were so teeeny in retrospect.

Anyway- I am sharing this video today because as I was cleaning up my hard drive I found it. I have not seen this since it was made and boy- what an eye opener. WOW- I am slowly forgetting how small my babies were. Now, they are giving themselves tattoo sleeves and wrapping themselves in scotch tape. What a difference three years makes!


The Wright Trips said...

Oh wow! They are so precious. Did you cry when you looked back at this, cause I almost did & I've never even met them! :)


The Husband (and Father) said...

Its kind of funny now that just yesterday we bought a rump roast at Costco that weighed more than all three of the babies combined when they came home.

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