Friday, May 1, 2009

The Jewish Martha Stewart

I have eluded to this in the past but as I get older, and as my responsibilities within my home gain importance, I have noticed that I am becoming more and more of a Jewish Martha Stewart. In Yiddish the word is Balabusta, and in a more vibrant less yenta-ish way, calling myself the Jewish Martha seems more hip and modern. This week I hosted one of Jeff's colleagues for dinner

and I got really into the whole production. Really into it. I was on fire people....I couldn't stop.

I made sure to photograph the table before we ate
so you could see that this was not the standard paper plate affair. Any variety of Martha would hurl and spew at the thought of (gasp!) paper plates.

I donned my favorite apron during the prep and cooking processand although it appears as if I am wearing a beautiful sundress, I am not. This is my apron. I love that I feel so June Cleaver lady like in it, and when I put it on over my bra from the front I look glam and gorgeous but from the back...ugh, not so much. Can you believe another triplet mom makes these too? I swear we are a workhorse breed-all degrees of Marthas. When the triplets were little I started the baby hats so in all fairness- first ridiculously cute hats, then diaper cakes, now these Fresh Squeezed Tarts, the apron of choice, even if you aren't a budding Martha, or even if you don't give birth to your own daycare center I double dog dare you to step outside your comfort zone.

Let me say that I am becoming the Jewish Martha- this means I hire out when necessary and I take some financial short cuts (money saving measures) to get the desired results. This week when it was time to set the dining room table I went above and beyond and crossed over into the more original, more gentile, Martha zone....I harvested my own fresh cut flowers from my garden- a variety of mixed color tulips for the vase in the center of the table, and short stems of lilacs for the napkin ring holders on the place settings. Normally I would have purchased fresh flowers but not this week, not when I had a fresh burst of blooms on my own property. Turkey Hill it is not, but at the end of April in New Albany, I got it goin on with flowers. Normally, the Jewish Martha does not get her nails dirty, but honey, I gave up the manicures a long time ago.

I created a Spring themed meal for my adorable husband and his colleague, who by the way, is YOUNGER THAN ME! We started with a fresh spinach saladtopped with shaved bosc pears, pine nuts, Boursin cheese crumbles and a tangy orange vinaigrette. I bought the Organic Baby Spinach at Costco and it was already trimmed and triple rinsed, so check off a short cut there.(#1) I prepared a homemade salad dressing but used a packet of Italian Seasons as the base- short cut (#2). I selected some divine Salmon Filets from Trader Joes,they were packaged as boneless and skinless(#3) and I pan seared them and served them with sugar snap peas and mashed potatoes. The dessert held the holy grail,a flourless tiramisu torte with enormous strawberries as a garnish. This dessert was more time consuming than shopping for, creating, preparing, serving, and cleaning up the aforementioned dinner, but it was soooo worth it. I will post the Gluten Free recipe soon, stay tuned.

I guess the Jewish Martha Stewart in me just hit her prime. With 4 kids age three and under, a corporate ladder climbing husband, an Panamanian Au Pair, a home in the hood behind the white picket fence, and a plethora of short cuts in the kitchen, a garden in full bloom, a coupon cutting, Costco and Trader Joe going shopping plan and my fancy apron, I am outdoing myself in the domestic department. As the Jewish Martha I am officially making a new resolution for tomorrow: RESERVATIONS!

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