Friday, May 22, 2009

It is not a Party until someone Pukes or Pees

*****Gluten Free Friday will be an amazing Gluten Free Challah in honor of Shabbat. However since I am not going to be able to post all the glorious details until after the third rise and baking, I will post this first, followed by Gluten Free Challah later in the day.

I recall seeing some 1980's tee shirt with the lame saying, it is not a party until someone pukes. The way my days are going lately I need a tee shirt to rival the kids orange, My Parents are Exhausted, and after last night in the park, I think I am onto something. I am going to get a tee shirt that says, "It is not a party until one of my kids pisses on the playground."

We took the children for a picnic dinner at the playground in North of Woods. The weather was stellar and all the kids were playing famously

I dared to say that this age is the best yet because we can take these kind of outings and not have to bring containment devices, gear, diaper bags, and emergency supplies. It is a simpler time in the field trip department. The kids entertain themselves when we take them to plagrounds, and they have fun playing without much intervention from us. Can I get an AMEN? I even talked Jeff into using my camera to capture a few images of children with me!

They were downright busy on the slides, swings, teeter totter and all the equipment kept them totally focused on enjoying themselves. Everything was sunshine and rainbows until we heard the sound of spraying water on the climbing structure. Turns out it wasn't water per say,it was CJ taking a leak. He proceeded to relieve himself, then strip his urine soaked clothes and new Ralph Lauren Polo Canvas Deck Shoes

and go about his business goofing around with the rest of the clan. After we realized what had happened Jeff did damage control

and we let them continue to enjoy the park until closer to bed time. You see if we go home too early then we have to entertain them at home before we put them to bed, but if we keep them at the playground until the last possible moment, then it is out of the carseats, into pajamas and off to bed. Badda Boom, Badda Bing.

Do you think the other posh mommies in New Albany will see the humor of my new tee shirt? It is not a party until someone pees or pukes so who wants to go to the playground over Memorial Day Weekend?

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Michele S said...

That's a t-shirt I'd order. Can you make mine in black?

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