Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I do it ALL!

“How do you do it all?” This is a question I am asked on a regular basis. I am a go getter-always have been always will be- I like to stay busy. It would kill me to sit at home all day with or without a gaggle of children. When I was 16 I had 3 part time jobs for crying out loud. I have ants in my pants. I have 6 kids, a goofball husband, a part time job, a blog and I still manage to make dinner most nights. When people probe about how I manage to do it all I kindly remind them that I am not afraid to ask for help. I have become great at multi-tasking with assistance. I appear to be a one woman show but that is just a facade.

I have Argenida the world’s most dedicated live in Au Pair from Panama. We make an amazing team at home. She has unlimited patience with the kids and would much rather help clean up than cook. I would rather have a root canal than spend my time cleaning so between my cooking and her cleaning our home runs like a well oiled machine. Muy Bien, no?

Jeff prepares a hot breakfast every morning which affords me an extra hour or so of sleep. He makes the first meal of the day special for the kids and they bond while he drinks his first diet coke of the day. TEAMWORK! Gluten free pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggies, and various forms of omelets are his specialty- he has mastered breakfast. This is his quality time with the little ones because by the time he gets home from work and we eat dinner, it is close to their bedtime. He gives them 100% in the morning so they are not slighted for his attention and wild maniacs when he arrive at the end of the day. I could not do all that I do if I did not have that extra hour of slumber in the morning so this contributes to my success. This same husband fills my van with gas when it is empty, changes light bulbs and furnace filters, restocks toilet paper, and makes sure Mitchell remembers to take the recycling and trash to the curb. There used to be a saying that I hated…it was something like, “Behind every successful Man is a busy woman” and I would like to personally re-create that to be, “Next to every very successful woman, there is a dedicated and respected man” This is my official shout out to my husband for being more than bargained for when we got married- in a good way.

Sure, there are days when I have run myself ragged. There are days when I sleep for an extra 20 minutes instead of showering, or days when I totally lose my cool in traffic. I am medicated to prevent road rage but I still find myself in some not so perfect moods. I have a tendency to over commit my time by volunteering on projects, making special personalized gifts, or offering Mitchell rides home from the Britany Spears concert at 1:00 in the morning on a school night. I am learning to say no but still struggle with doing it religiously. There are nights when I get up 5 times to replace sippy cups, or let someone out of their room to poop, or I hear coughing- but I would never bitch and complain about it, because it would not do any good. I just muddle through, and take a look at the smiling faces on my blog, or in a photo on my desk and I wonder what life was like before Jeff and I got married and gave birth to a daycare center. The days are long but the weeks fly by.

So with the help of Jeff and Argenida I can give the illusion of being a one woman show. But even a solo performer takes a night off once in a while. I am celebrating my own special day (my Mother’s Day gift to me) by taking a mini vacation with Jeff. He is on business and I am just tagging along to catch up on my uninterrupted sleep, redeem a spa gift certificate (thanks Wende) eat in a restaurant without a highchair at the table, shop for deals by myself, take a look at some foreclosures and meet a friend or two for a very cold, very dry, very dirty, Vodka Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. I can’t think of a better way to re-energize and get my game on. I can multi-task this 48 hours away and cram a one week resort vacation into two days. And for this, I do not need any help. I can handle this lifestyle all by my lonesome.

So next time someone asks me how I do it all, I can smile, look refreshed, and say- I have lots of help and I take breaks from my busy life once in a while. I have my husband, my Argenida and an entire cyberland of friends from my blog helping celebrate every day. Cheers to us….stay tuned for an update from Paradise.

Open note to stalkers, fakers, thieves, or kidnappers, I have the Gahanna police officer and his wife baby/house sitting, and I have all my good jewelry with me- you don't want our crappy TV and we don't have a stereo or any other electronics because we have a zillion kids and can't afford anything worth stealing, GO ahead and take my fur coat- I never wear it anymore anyway- and make sure the kids are back in time for school on Friday- I have to pay whether they attend or not. Thanks-

The Queen


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

LOVE the ending! I live to far away to stalk your kids.. They will have to find their own ride to school.. plus I already have twins and a single.. Enjoy your trip! Love your writing!

Anonymous said...

"The days are long but the weeks fly by." Is your husband really the only published author in the house?


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