Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun with Office Supplies

Eli has always been the most imaginative when it comes to play. He thinks outside the box. Lately he has been getting creative with miscellaneous office supplies. By creative, I mean, he is finding random things on my desk, taking them into the playroom and having with office supplies.

Over the last week I have captured some photos of his so called creativity. I did not think I would have enough blog material until today when I realized that this is becoming a regular event. I find him randomly enjoying himself at the expense of my paper, pens, paperclips, markers and tape.

The green marker shown on his arms was NOT the washable variety by Crayola.

It was the computer desk marker that I used for logging information on the wipe on board. IF you look closely now, over a week later, you can still see faint green skin on his arms and it looks like a watercolor tattoo sleeve now. I am sure the folks at Temple Beth Chanel are wondering what the hell is going on.

Then there is the "sticky tape" as Dora so lovingly calls it. Around here we call it scotch tape, but my son, who loves to play with office supplies agrees with Dora and calls it sticky tape. One entire roll later,

he decided he had to go pee, which caused a panic to remove the mummy like bandage wrap that encased his entire body. Fortunately I buy the scotch tape at Costco in the mother load pack.

So....for those of you who find his sense of entertainment wasteful, I will be quick to point out, that I have 4 kids age three and under and on days when they are driving me batshit crazy, handing over a roll of tape and getting 20 minutes of peace and quiet is heavenly. There are very few toys that cost about thirty cents and provide such engaging playtime. Don't knock it until you try it. I am going to let him read the Quill or Office Max catalog next time he gets bored on the potty. Two birds with one stone, right?

I would also like to point out that I am in the process of having french doors put on my home office. These doors will have a dead bolt that operates with a key, so in the future, raiding my stash or markers and tape won't be at the sole discretion of a three year old. Until then, it is a free for all on my computer desk. Wanna take any bets as to how long before he discovers white out?

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