Sunday, May 3, 2009

Au Pair Palooza- also known as the International Au Pair Festival

We took the kids to the International Au Pair festival. Argenida and Lany represented Panama and the kids proudly wore their tee shirts to honor them. It was so adorable to watch the children enjoy all the international cultures that were represented at the fair. They went from booth to booth getting stamps in their mini passports. They sampled all kinds of sugary desserts and candies from various countries,

and they got to color pictures of images in the foreign languages, play with balloons and reek havoc in the little meeting room. The kids had an absolute blast, Jeff and I were on damage control the whole time.

The event started at 2:30 which is smack dab in the middle of our normal nap time. I ordinarily would have skipped such an event based solely on conflict of interest but since Argenida worked so hard on the preparations we HAD to go and show our support. We only stayed long enough to make an appearance and let the kids do the bare minimum to have fun without injury or disaster. These kinds of events are managable with a kid or two, but when you are outnumbered and the stress level hardly seems worth it. I ended up driving to Pataskala and back trying to get them to fall asleep in their car seats for a make shift version of nap time. My plan scored me an hour and 33 minutes of listening to MY OWN MUSIC and looking at the spring country scenery while I looked into my rear view mirror to spy on the slumbering wee ones. I got a car wash and filled up with gas in peace and quiet. I know they were exhausted but taking them home and dealing with 4 kids sans the nap seemed out of the question- especially since they had been going like the Energizer Bunny since about 5:45 a.m.

Some days are just spent flying by the seat of my pants. It is a good thing I have a big seat and even bigger pants, because when the kids do not get their regularly scheduled nap, it is a true test of my parenting skills for the rest of the day. Next year Au Pair Fest 2010 needs to start before noon, or after the completion of naps, round 4:00 or we will have to say No Way Jose. See, my Spanish is really getting good- this international cultural exchange is great for me too!


The Husband said...

The international fair was just a little too realistic for me. The au pairs from Germany invaded France's table and they surrendered immediately. The Thailand group offered happy endings and I though the Mexican au pairs should have not worn their surgical masks. The only thing that might have made it more intersting was Somolian au pairs dressed up like pirates. Arrrr! Other than that, it was great!

THE WIFE said...

Thanks Husband- always great to get your warped perspective

The Husband said...

And you say I don't pay attention to you. Not fair. I read your blog.

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