Monday, April 20, 2009

Why our Daddy should not color with our impressionable children

We had a fabulous weekend as a family. We spent countless hours at the neighborhood playground and park. Daddy was totally engaged with his kids and it was joyous to watch from the lens of my camera.

I love watching him bond with the kids while I capture it on my digital. Nothing motivates a Mommie more than watching the Daddy do a great job. Good parenting is downright sexy.

When we finally got home I asked Jeff to color with the kids while I was busy upstairs. I could hear him interacting with the children and he was doing a phenomenal job of keeping them busy and entertained. At one point I overheard him talking about drawing a picture of Mommie. I went about my business and was looking forward to seeing the preschool rendition of myself when I returned. I even shouted from upstairs that they should draw some pictures of Daddy too, secretly hoping to buy some more time for a few more minutes. They all seemed to be into this art session- there were no whining voices or reprimands being given so I did not give it another thought. I was happy he was working with them at the kitchen table. Good stuff.

I quietly came downstairs and asked to see what they drew. To my horror the children weren't using the crayons at all, they were watching Daddy color. This is what he drew:While I am quite sure this self portrait is how Daddy thinks of himself, I am not so sure why he drew Mommie to look like this:What really scares me is that the kids thought he was an amazing artist. OY! They were proud of his accomplishment with construction paper and crayon. They do not realize that he is delusional and is an abstract illustrator. They are so impressionable and he is not an impressionist. Note to self, ask for consult for breast lift when getting the tummy tuck estimate.

I must enroll them in some art classes this summer otherwise they will think Daddy has genuine artistic talent. Please tell me he does not think of himself as ripped with a narrow waist? Jeff is truly gifted in some things, but daddy day care and art classes aren't it.


The Wright Trips said...


Triple Mama R said...

HAAA HAAAA...this is one time I can say better you than me and mean it.

Aaryn said...

Whoa! That was hysterical!!!! Jeff- love the hat...

sandy sue said...

YOU ARE KILLIN ME today- I needed the laugh.

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