Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Whole Foods Dance Party

We keep taking the kids out to dinner when it makes sense. The venue must be gluten free friendly, inexpensive and easily navigated with all the kids in tow. Whole Foods is one of the favorites for all of the above. Our flagship store is HUGE and in addition to being a fabulous grocery resource, it has a cafe, dining area, and as we discovered, wine tastings and live music.

Check out my superstar dancer CJ Slutsky- he was totally into dancing right up front with the local band. While most of the patrons were content to just sit, relax, eat and enjoy the music, CJ was inspired to show his enthusiasm.

He dragged Natalie and Eli up front with him but they weren't as motivated to groove. The entire dining area was smiling at the sight of this little boy dancing like nobody's watching.

Whole Foods has a family dinner special-for $17.99 you get 4 generous servings of a main course and three sides. We chose the grilled salmon fillets, saffron rice with veggies, champagne vinaigrette potato salad, and haricot vert with shallots and garlic. For under $20 I fed the entire family a nice, well balanced Gluten Free Meal. I estimated that the cost of buying the Salmon Filets alone would have been $15 so all in all it was a deal.

I bought a one liter bottle of this sparkling apple juice and the kids drank it from open cups. As any parent will tell you, this is a risky move in public, and our case times FOUR!
Charlotte puckered her lips because this Italian soda was not really sweet like sugary sweet, it was tart and natural so it caught her off guard. After a few sips she was totally hooked.

A man sitting across from us came over to the table and remarked about the kids. I feared it would be one of those fertility conversations post OCTOMOM, but instead he was pleasant and very complimentary of our children and their behavior. He asked if we planned to do a reality show like the people with twins and sextuplets? He said, "You know Kate and Jon and their 8?" That cracked me up. Clearly he doesn't watch it- a bonus in my opinion of him by the way. He said, "Oh c'mon, your kids are really cute, you should do a show!" So, I pointed to CJ who was still boogeying with the band and said, if we do any television show it will be "Dancing with the Stars!"

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