Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuition is $21,000 but you get FREE COFFEE

As I dropped Mitchell off at school this morning I noticed some activity in the carpool lane. Normally I zoom into the circle driveway behind all the other parents in their European Sedans, I let Mitchell out, I wave to the staff supervising the traffic and away I go.

This morning was different. There were parent volunteers and the staff from Caribou Coffee greeting the carpool drivers. They were there to pass out some literature about an upcoming fundraiser at the school and hand off a hot cup of joe.

I would willingly take Mitchell to school every morning if this were a new value added service with the price of tuition. It is not that at all I am sad to say. This was just good old fashioned, attention creating advertising! Instead of just e-mailing and using a telephone campaign the committee took their publicity a step further. These geniuses gave out a hot cup of coffee along with the information about the gala event. Excellent marketing skills- really excellent! Free Coffee is the way to an exhausted parent's heart and wallet! Oh, sure, you want a sizable donation? yes-but of course- no problem, after all, you just forked over some free gourmet coffee!

So when you pay the big bucks to send a kid to a private prep school there are some real perks- like hearing what your child ate for lunch, attending catered banquets and getting free coffee before 8:00 a.m. in the carpool lane- Hummmph, I bet they wouldn't even think of this at public school?

written with total sarcasm and morning attitude with sincere appreciation for the fine folks at CA. GO VIKES!

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Michele S said...

I could almost pay 21 grand if I got free coffee every morning.

The kids pick out their own library books when we go to the library. We're reading Biscuit's Hanukkah.

Woof. Woof.

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