Thursday, April 23, 2009


Every once in a while I get a wild hair to let the munchkins do something a bit crazy. I let my Mommie guard down and encourage them act like kids. This fly by the seat of my pants parenting is good in small doses.

I set the table with all of the ingredients for a sundae bar.There was chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, strawberries and Hershey's syrup. I scooped the ice cream and let the monkeys make their own sundaes. There were no rules, just a free for all with the toppings.

After all the giggling and squealing with excitement they did a damn fine job of creating dessert.

I captured their delight and smiles with my camera although I should have used video so you could hear all the yum yum noises from CJ.

They were stripped of their clothing and just enjoyed being in the Sundae-palooza moment.

The mess made was easily cleaned up with some elbow grease, clorox clean up spray and a few too many paper towels. The kids got to take a long, steamy shower which seemed to rinse away all the evidence of their good time.

I think we are going to make this a regular event. It was the perfect end to a long day- Sundae-palooza and a shower, it does not get any better.

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The Wright Trips said...

Listen, Helene, I really think you should adopt me as your child. I have experience with triplets, so I would be a big help! :)


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