Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring in Full Bloom

Warning! This may be one of the more boring posts in a long time. I am just wanting to revel in the moment that is Spring, and brag on my kids. If you want drama, cyber bullying or controversy, head over to Triplet Connection.

I have double jinxed myself into believing that Spring is here to stay. Once the crocus come up I want to think that Winter is gone, but living in Central Ohio you can't rely on the flowering bulbs to define the end of blech weather. This weekend I took a bold step- a leap of faith really, and.... I got rid of all the heavy coats, scarves and gear. I did not sell it or give it away, I just moved it out of plain sight and rotated the cold weather clothing to the basement. This is my own way of defining the end of Winter.

The flowers in my garden are in full bloom. We have spent hours surveying the property taking note of what is up and what is about to blossom. The kids can identify all the perennials by name and each child has their favorite. They have been arguing over which flowers belong to them- they take ownership of each stem or shrub and then when a sibling tries to smell or enjoy it, they fight over the flower. "THAT IS MINE!" I even heard Natalie say to her brothers- "Boys, these tulips are mine, that means you can't have them, ever, so go find some different flowers for yours, because I said, these red tulips are for NATALIE!" Try as I may to get them into the spirit of sharing nature, they are three and half and are part of a set, so there is a fierce competition to claim things.

Eli noticed these beautiful tulips and demanded that I stop the van so he could get out and smell them. It was mildly annoying to pull the van over on Drexel Avenue, unbuckle him, and let him out to investigate the blooms, but I love that he wanted the chance to get a better look. I am sure the neighboring home owners were wondering why the crazy lady with the mini van let her kid out to see the tulips.

It was a sunny day and Eli was all about these flowers. And yes, his favorite color is still pink. Give him a choice of shirts, pajamas or candy and he always selects the pink ones. Go figure.

The lilacs are just about to be in their peak week so I made sure the kids took time to smell them.

We even cut a few branches to bring to Temple Beth Chanel for their teachers. Lilacs are the most fragrant of our flowering collection and the whole house and van reek (in a good way) of these beauties.

Happy Spring Everybody, There will be more drama, excitment and bargains tomorrow!

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