Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Slutskys are Cashews

It is widely known that my family, The Slutskys, are nuts. We are silly, crazy and wacky people. Most of us are Jewish and some of us are Catholic. So combined, we are all just nuts- some Catholic, some Jews. I think this officially makes us a combination of the two: CASHEWS!

We share in all things lovely about family- being together, letting the cousins play, hunting Easter Eggs, hiding the Affikkomen, eating chocolate bunnies and snacking on Passover macaroons. It is all good stuff so why should it matter if we have a different house of worship? The kids just know one thing- playing with the cousins is FUN!

We went to Connor and Jack's for a Spring Celebration of Easter. The cousins hunted for plastic filled eggs, and enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. They all invaded the yard and were really engaged in finding the eggies.

After they tromped across the yard, checked under shrubs and in the garden beds, they filled their baskets and were shrieking with delight. Even Charlotte and Jack got into the excitement. When the eggs were all collected the little ones put down the baskets in exchange for shovels to dig holes in the yard, bubble wands for blowing bubbles, and various balls, clubs and bats.

It was a toy free for all. I was amazed at how well everyone got along- with 6 kids Three and Under it is always a crapshoot.

Just when you think your own family is nuts...Come on over to the Slutskys- we are Cashews!

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