Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Silly Slutsky Seder

Typically the Passover Seder is a long, drawn out production where dinner is finally served around Midnight. If you take the Seder seriously the religious aspect is the focal point and the meal takes a backseat so to speak. We are far from that devoted to the service and more about having a fun time as a family. With four kids age three and under there is little chance of getting them to sit still for more than about 7 minutes so a lengthy religious service ain't happenin. We did a speed read of the Haggadah, and enjoyed the traditional foods. Here is a glimpse inside our Silly Slutsky Seder.

We arrived at Marc and Edye's and the kids were actually playing nicely. SHOCKING!

This is blog worthy because usually in a non-baby proofed home they want to wander, roam and explore. It is torture as a parent to try to plain the zone defense. We try to go man to man but at Marc and Edye's they were angels.

I captured the essence of the Passover Meal while the kids were engaged with the toys. Here are the photos.

The trio of adorable handmade Seder plates and Cups for Elijah are courtesy of Temple Beth Chanel and my creative children.

The whole family participated in the abridged version of the service which technically includes drinking 5 glasses of wine, and dipping in salt water and reading from the Hagaddah.

Of course the Passover dinner is meant to be eaten reclining,
so the kids took full advantage of that when they weren't seated at the kiddie table.

It was the perfect combination of food and family fun. The Slutskys just know how to have a great time. I married into the right family.

No Seder is complete without the hiding game of Affikkomen. Everyone took turns letting the little kids find it.

The winning prize to each was a brand new, crisp, TWO DOLLAR BILL. Very exciting, indeed!

Even Justin, Austin, Mitchell and Argenida got to join in the action. Sadly we missed Amanda this year, but something tells me she did not shed too many tears about missing our Passover Party.

We wrapped up the festivities with some play time. I love taking photos of Mitchell and Eli together- it cracks me up because clearly Eli is Mitchell's mini-me.

The kids talked me into letting them have just ONE MORE chocolate covered strawberry after they got undressed but before they were in pajamas.

Nothing says Spring like fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. They sure beat sponge cake.

I am just finishing up the laundry and kitchen, savoring my 4th and 5th glass of red wine as mandated by my religion. When it comes to wine consumption, especially this California Pinot Noir, I am by the book people. I am thankful that we only celebrate Passover once a year. As Argenida says, "Feliz Passover!"

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